November 22

My Favourite Quote

I like this quote because…

1 . It makes me feel happy about myself

2 . Stop being sad so you  should get up and do it

3 . Stop doubting yourself in life

4 . Stop waiting and waiting and waiting for things in life 

5 . Be confident in you life and not to give up on what you do

6 . Stop being pulled under and get up again

7 . Be happy and don’t worry about what is happening behind you back






November 22

all about me

 hi my name is Lucy i am 9 and a half,

                             my favourite thing to do is…                                         I like to play basketball and it is a fun game, i also like to play with my dog and play sum dog. sum dog is a game where you do times tables or you subtract or you add, but the thing they do is they make it fun by adding a fun game into the game so kids learn and have fun at the same time!

                               my favourite movies are…                                    kindergarden cop it makes me laugh a heap,my other favourite movie is meet Dave its so entertaining  and CRAZY

i recommend you watch these movies

my friends are…

Alessia,India,Laila,Natasha,Paige,Lana,Monique,Ella,Stella and Tina . they all are really kind,caring  and some can go crazy but in a good way.

 my favorite TV shows are…

home and away, because they are really good actresses and it SO entertaining, my other favourite show is house rules because i like the end of it like how they reval the house at the end of the week.

from lucy

PS : I like pizza (yum)



November 22

Botanical gardens and Migration Museum

Botanical Gardens

On Monday The 25th of September, we went to the Botanical Gardens and the Migration Museum . When we got to the Botanical Gardens we had brain food, 3/4 RM went to the Migration Museum before we did . Our class stayed at the Botanical Gardens for a tour with our tour guide  Karen. 

First of all we looked at the river red gum tree, we went to a grass bush, a fig tree and then a bottle tree. I can not remember all the other spots we went to but that was pretty good.  


Migration Museum 


Our class went to the Migration Museum after the Botanical Gardens,  I would prefer to go to the Migration Museum because we all got bitten by mosquitoes at the Botanical Gardens. We went in this room and we saw all these tags, the black tags were in memory of all the babies that died at the hospital there.

The Migration Museum was really , really fun to go to because you get to see all of these things you might of never seen before. eg. { the first Australian Map , A model of The Great Exodus Across The Seas was made by a man. 

hope you enjoyed it

by Lucy


November 22

My Dream Place to visit in Italy


The place in Italy that I want to visit is . . .


Molfetta is a beautiful place to go in the summer time and in spring time . Molfetta has 59,557 people that live there ,  in person think that is a heap of people. Molfetta on a map looks sort of  like a crabs claw which is good because Italians love crab meat.


When my Nono was a little boy, he lived in Molfetta. he did not go to school because his family was very very poor. My Nono’s mum was very ill when he was only four or five, he had to work every day and he had to run to the shops to buy food for his family .

My Nono only has one sister and that is the only part of his family that he has left. But he does have his wife and 11 other people , but the closest ones that he has is sister wife grandchildren and daughter and son’s.

My mum has always wanted to go to Molfetta with my Nono , Nona , me {Lucy} , My sister [Ella] and last of all my dad – Matthew-. I have always wanted to go but mum says until I am a teenager and I agree with her .


I hope you enjoyed reading this 

by Lucy












November 22

My Bucket List

My Bucket List 

1. Go to fiji again

2. Have three Border Collie dogs 

3. Live in Renmark

4. Go to Coober Pedy

5. Go to Disney World

6. Have a pool

7. See the Leaning Tower of Pisa 

8. Go to the Gold Coast 

9. Drive a car

10. Go for another road trip

11. Go to Uluru

12. Go to Sydney

13. Zip-line across a river  

14. Be a hair dresser 

15. Go to Melbourne again to see my cousin 






November 22

Book Week

Book Week

On the 25th of August, 2017, we had a book week dress up day – parade. I went as Matilda from the book or movie or also from the musical, the whole school participated in the parade even all the teachers and volunteers dressed up in a crazy, funny costumes.

One of my friends Chelsea, dressed up as Mrs Honey the female that adopted Matilda at the end of the book / movie / musical and Matilda was more happy with Mrs Honey not her crule, mean, rude, bad mum and dad.

I choose Matilda because it was a easy costume to find at home and because I like reading like Matilda. My friend Alessia dressed up as Moana she bought the costume from target and it looked beautiful on her.

I have seen the movie Matilda like five or ten time it is a very good movie. she always has a book in her hand which is amazing, she used to read a book every day, i have also read the book to and i have seen the musical at the festival thearter. matilda is one of my most favourite charecter in the whole wide world.

this is what i did for book week

by lucy xoxo


November 22

My Favourite Animal

My Favourite Animal


My favourite animal is a dog but not any dog a Border Collie dog I like. Because they are so cute and they love playing with other people but, sometimes they get to excited and they get out of hand. A dog is from the dog family and their are over probably 100 different dog breeds.


A Border Collie is black and white or people say a really really really dark shade of brown.  They also are sheep dog so that means they where grown up on a farm witch then would be a farm dog but they can be trained not to be a farm dog anymore if you don’t want them to a farm dog any more.


A Border Coolie lives in a human house or in a kennel or on a nice big farm that has at least has sheep so then the dog can round them up.


Border Collies eat dry tack and caned dog food well that’s what my dog eats. Border Collies could also eat bread egg and milk that’s only if you don’t have any dog food left.


Border Collies run around a heap,  they are very intelligent dogs and very protective for their owners. Border Collies are also the most smartest dogs in the whole wide world , that is why I love Border Collies.

by Lucy






November 22

favourite book

My favourite book is Weir Do and the author is Anh Do.

Hello my name is Lucy. I started reading weir do two years ago , the books are cheerful and fun plus the books are very positive books. 

In the book some of the character are Bella , weir, toby, hans , weirs grandma , weirs grandpa , weirs mum , weirs dad and sally weirs sister.

Anh Do has made 8 weir do books and know he is know making a WEIR DO 9. I am pretty sure it is going to be extra C R A Z Y ! ! ! ! !

The Weir Do books are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny there is alway a new thing happing every book! 

hope you read the books!

written by lucy!


November 22

Friend Interview

Friend Interview

I have chosen to interview my friend Alessia, Alessia is my best friend!

1- How old were you when you came to this school?

1- Alessia said she was six and a half .


2- What is your favourite holiday place or camping place?

2- Alessia said her favourite holiday place is Normanville . 


3- Do you have a pet? What is it called? And How old is it?

3- Alessia has a dog, it is called Archie and he is two year old .


4- What is your favourite sport and why? 

4- Alessia said that her favourite sport is netball, She also said it is a challenge to try not to step!


5- Do you like swimming? And what level are you on?

5- Alessia said she likes swimming and she is on level bronze squad .


6- What is your favourite show to watch?

6- Alessia said her favourite show to watch is Liv and Maddie by Dove Camren .